What should you do with your old pallets?

Used or unwanted pallets can be tricky to dispose of, and improper disposal can be even worse for the environment. Thankfully, there are things you can do with them when they’re no longer of use to your business.

Read on for a closer look at a few clever options…

Recycle them

The most obvious option is to simply recycle your pallets. There are often local pallet recycling services that may be able to pick yours up. Depending on their size and the condition they are in, this service is liable to either be free or require a modest fee. 

This is a great way to build a working relationship with a pallet recycling service who can then by your go-to source for information and disposal whenever you need to get rid of old pallets. Recycling also ensures you keep the pallets in circulation while being environmentally responsible. 

Give them away 

Whilst we never suggest that you simply ‘leave’ your pallets somewhere to be collected, popping them outside of your business as a free giveaway is a way to recycle them and also give back to the community. 

There are some risks associated with this approach, however. While in the past it was common to leave them in this way with a sign explaining they’re being given away for free, doing so can pose a significant arson risk and could also be considered an eyesore. 

Pass to another area of the business

Does any other area of the company need pallets? Then pass them along. Depending on the size and scale of your company, you may need to do some digging to find out which areas of the business would benefit from a fresh batch of used pallets. 

But it’s also a great strategy for helping to eliminate waste and clutter. 

Sell to be upcycled

Craft projects always need new materials. Whether listing them for sale or giving them away for free, your pallets are a desirable raw material for people who are interested in projects just as upcyling. 

Before you choose this option, first thing about how practical it is to keep the pallets on your premises until they are collected. Do you need to get rid of them quickly, to prevent a health and safety risk? 

Deciding on your approach will take a little time and effort, and you may end up settling for a blended approach depending on the size, quality and accessibility of the pallets. 

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