In the past year, online shopping has accelerated at a rapid rate, resulting in a rising demand for warehouse space across the country. As farmers and landowners begin to cash in on the warehousing boom, one UK-based firm is on hand to provide the best quality manual handling equipment to make warehouse work run smoothly.

Midland Pallet Trucks, a provider of high-quality manual handling equipment including pallet trucks, manual stacker trucks and lift tables, is based out of the West Midlands and has been the go-to provider of warehouse equipment for logistics companies across the country.

After many years of experience, Midland Pallet Trucks has earned a stellar reputation for supplying high quality products at extremely competitive prices—ideal for anyone looking to turn their hands to the warehousing business in the new year. With budget alternatives to all the standard pieces of equipment, the company is able to offer excellent value for those on smaller budgets who could benefit from having a pump truck in their warehouse.

As the demand for warehouses in rural and semi-rural locations rises, many businesses may view warehousing as an additional income stream but may not have the knowledge to know which pieces of equipment are essential for this new line of work. This is where Midland Pallet Trucks come in, offering a curated selection of must-have products, and having a knowledgeable customer service team ready to help with any queries potential customers may have.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks says “Over the past few months, we’ve all really felt the impact of the rise in online orders. Pressure on warehouses across the country is pushing many companies towards breaking point, so it’s good to see other businesses consider opening warehousing space—but we can’t let standards slip, and we must ensure that all new warehouses are kitted out with the correct equipment for the work required.

At Midland Pallet Trucks, we stock one of the widest ranges of lifting equipment and are more than happy to discuss requirements with those new to the warehousing industry. This is to ensure that work can be completed quickly and safely, so we can work together to ease some of the pressure on the country’s logistics sector.”

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