In the three and a half years between the EU referendum and Britain’s eventual exit from the European Union on 31st January 2020, there has been much discussion surrounding just how the UK warehousing industry would cope in a post-Brexit Britain. And while it was widely predicted that the sector would struggle, a major warehouse equipment provider notes that the industry is actually going from strength to strength.

In a bit of much-needed good news for the economy, Midland Pallet Trucks — a leading provider of lift tables, aerial work platforms, and manual stacker trucks  — is reporting strong sales post-Brexit as businesses work to successfully identify a suitable solution to the growing problem of warehousing capacity. As a result of Brexit preparation activities, it had previously been reported that many warehouses were operating at capacity due to stockpiling. Today, organisations are working around this issue by expanding their operations and building or leasing new premises.

Brexit is cited as a direct driver of food manufacturing company Kellogg’s recent confirmation of a lease of a 48,775 square metre warehouse in St Helens, near Liverpool. Creating 70 new jobs in the North West, the new warehouse is intended to support the export of brands such as Corn Flakes, Coco Pops, and Pringles to the EU.

Similarly, fashion giant Next has requested planning permission for a brand new 777,000 square foot warehouse at a site in Yorkshire. The proposed £125 million build would generate an additional 1000 jobs in the UK. The move comes as the company strives to better support its diversification of services and growth of online operations.

However, as the expert team at Midland Pallet Trucks warns, the ongoing growth and success of warehousing in a Post-Brexit Britain relies heavily on the ability of organisations to prioritise workplace efficiency, along with optimal health and safety.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks said, “Due to the international nature of logistics, the warehousing industry was one that was highly vulnerable to the impact of Brexit, but what we’re seeing now is businesses fighting back. It is fantastic to see warehouse expansion happening all across the country, but we’re keen to ensure that these growing businesses are taking the appropriate measures to create healthy work environments that facilitate this new era of productivity. “

Midland Pallet Trucks imports high quality handling equipment from Europe, making the most effective warehousing tools more accessible to UK customers. All equipment is selected for inventory by its ability to facilitate more efficient processes for moving, storing, and handling heavy loads, while also protecting warehouse employees from accidents and injury through ergonomic design and integrated safety features.

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