Midland Pallet Trucks, a leading provider of materials handling equipment for warehouses and factories, is warning of a potential stockpiling craze which could be sparked as a result of a no deal Brexit.

While a significant rise in demand for goods will undoubtedly generate a much-needed boost for the British economy, Midland Pallet Trucks is urging retailers, factories, warehouse facilities, and manufacturers to prepare for a busy summer and ensure they have the space and tools they need to effectively and efficiently handle increased orders as shoppers shift from EU suppliers.

The potential for stockpiling is greater given the proposed new date of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, which currently stands at October 31. With Halloween famous amongst retailers as the start of the festive shopping season — a season which includes Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas — it is anticipated that shoppers will be turning to UK-based suppliers to ensure they have everything they need to enjoy the season, including gifts along with foods imported from the EU.

“Right now, we’re still at a point where it’s unclear what — if any — arrangements will be agreed in regards to Britain’s future relationship with the EU,” says Midland Pallet Trucks’ Managing Director Phil Chesworth. “However, it is vital that UK businesses are prepared for the possibility of a no deal Brexit, and if that happens we can reasonably expect for an almost instantaneous rise in demand for UK-based goods.

“It is our concern that there are many smaller retailers out there who lack the resources they need to adequately handle this spike and this anticipated bulk buying movement that could be sparked as a result of a no deal Brexit. Now is the time to undertake preparations to facilitate success in Post-Brexit Britain.”

Making the best use of available warehousing space and working to improve internal processes and procedures is understood to be a key consideration when preparing for changes to shopping behaviours as the leave date looms. Midland Pallet Trucks is showing an unrivalled dedication to assisting UK firms in this endeavour through the provision of high quality handling equipment such as high lift pallet trucks, lift tables, and moving skates which can facilitate the easy storage and movement of heavy loads, even in more confined spaces. These workhorses ensure retailers are ready to handle increased order volume and benefit from this anticipated boost to the British economy post Brexit.


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