With few positive news stories to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is encouraging news where manufacturing and distribution facilities are concerned, with a significant rise in online orders and delivery services set to be a trend that continues even after social distancing measures are lifted.

Internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales have soared to around a third of total intake, which, according to the Retail Sales Index, is by the far the greatest amount since 2006 and the beginning of widespread adoption of online as opposed to physical customer purchasing.

Let’s take a look at some of the warehouses, depots and jobs that have been created in recent months that look set to help meet growing demand for swift delivery of goods in large quantities.

New warehousing and distribution depot in Blackburn

April saw the announcement by road haulage, distribution, and warehousing specialists, Fagan & Whalley of a brand-new depot development totalling 200,000 sq. ft of warehousing and distribution capacity after a period of encouraging performance.

Coming just three years after the opening of their existing warehouse facility, the new depot to be located at Frontier Park, Blackburn will help the company reach additional clients and meet their needs.

The fresh installation will include wide aisle pallet racking for enhanced flexibility when it comes to changing customer expectations.

AO opened new warehouse in Stoke at the turn of year

National online electrical retailer AO is another company that has seen increased demand for sourcing and delivery of goods as a result of Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions.

The fact that this was their third warehouse opening across four months shows just how fast the company has had to adjust to almost overnight changes in how customers wish to access their products.

By adding 275,000 sq ft of distribution space, the company is now well placed across Cheshire and Staffordshire for warehousing space to optimise logistical distribution to all areas of the UK to its local hub depots, while the new warehouse saw the creation of 120 new roles.

Woods Foodservice expands with new depot

Growing demand for fresh food deliveries has seen the London-based foodservice wholesaler increase storage capacity by a third to 41,000sq ft so as to increase new stock levels.

The new unit is based at Uxbridge and is fitted out with equipment to appropriately store high-end produce such as truffles.

With weekly turnover jumping from £20,000 a week to £50,000 a week before the last lockdown in January, it’s easy to see why the company have made the move that will see a recruitment drive before full hospitality reopening and a busy period ahead.

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