When should you replace your manual handling equipment?

The right manual handling equipment can revolutionise the warehouse and make day-to-day operations far quicker and more efficient for everyone.

Despite the benefits that come with using the right equipment, if they’re not working as they should it can quickly slow you and your team down.

In this article, we’ll explain when it’s time to replace your manual handling equipment and how you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your pallet trucks, fork accessories and lift platforms.

How to check and maintain your equipment for safe use

As a warehouse manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your staff safe while they’re at work. This involves conducting regular checks of your manual handling equipment, which includes:

  • Encouraging staff to do simple pre-use checks before using any equipment
  • Conduct regular inspections (weekly or monthly) for high use equipment that could pose a serious threat of injury if not operating correctly
  • Ensure that all equipment is thoroughly examined once or twice a year

A thorough examination is a requirement under Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). It involves equipment being checked by a competent person and must include a written report with the examination date, the date when the next examination is due, and any defects.

It is this report which will highlight when you need to replace your equipment.

When to replace manual handling equipment

If a check has been carried out on a specific piece of equipment and a defect has been found, you should be notified immediately.

It’s up to you to then take immediate action to ensure this piece of equipment will not cause any injury to your staff. Staff members should stop using the equipment immediately and you should figure out whether the issue can be remedied or not.

If you find that the defect is not fixable, this is the sign that it’s time to replace the machinery with a completely new piece of equipment.

Most equipment is built to last for a long time, but it often happens that equipment is used a lot and goes through general wear and tear. It may also be that equipment is not being used correctly so gets damaged which will significantly reduce its useful life.

If you’re in the market for new manual handling equipment, we have a comprehensive range of everything you might need at budget-friendly prices here at Midland Pallet Trucks.


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