Top materials handling supplier Midland Pallet Trucks has heralded the manufacturing rebound as Britain gets back to work following the nationwide lockdown.

Figures just released by the Office of National Statistics revealed that output beat expectations in June, hitting 11.0% month-on-month, 1% better than predicted. Industrial output was also higher than expected at 9.3% rather than the forecasted 9.2%.

As an essential business throughout the crisis, Midland Pallet Trucks and sister company Midland Bearings have seen firsthand the gusto with which the sector has gotten to work. The West Midlands business, which occupies an 80,000 square foot warehouse in Kingswinford, has seen record sales over the last two quarters with soaring demand for products including hand pallet trucks, weighing scale trucks and manual stacker trucks. It has posted record beating sales figures and recruited new staff as the lockdown eased.

Phil Chesworth, Midland Pallet Trucks managing director said, “We are very encouraged by the strong manufacturing rebound which we’re seeing. Very often, it’s easy to overlook the good news stories as worries continue about recession and job losses but, this shows that there are green shoots of hope. The manufacturing sector has been very hard at work and has taken strides to recover from what has been an unprecedented situation. We have seen that firsthand with our own clients and orders continuing to come in at a rapid pace as restrictions have eased and are hopeful that this trend will continue.”

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