Moving Skates

Midland Pallet Trucks, nationwide leaders in the provision of high quality hand pallet trucks and other materials handling equipment, has announced the introduction of a new range of moving skates, also known as machinery skates, shifting skates, and load moving skates. The five new models in the Midland Pallet Trucks collection are designed to work alongside the firm’s selection of hydraulic lifting jacks to offer a simple, all-in-one solution for safe, secure, and efficient moving of heavy machinery.

The new moving skate models include the X4-Y4 8000kg set, the X8-Y8 16000kg set, the X12-Y12 24000kg set, the X16-Y16 32000kg set, and the X18-Y18 36000kg set. These products have been added to Midland Pallet Trucks’ existing range of moving skates to enhance and expand the collection and provide customers with greater choice. All models are available now directly through the Midland Pallet Trucks website.

The five new introductions to the Midland Pallet Trucks moving skate collection can be used within a variety of industrial environments, and are both steerable and adjustable for complete ease of use and added safety within the workplace. Featuring flexible swivel action due to the inclusion of a thrust bearing, and a powder-coated, durable finish, all of the latest models are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring top performance in warehouses.

“We’ve specialised in moving skates for many years now, but have previously focused primarily on 6-18 ton weight capacities as these were what our customers were coming to us for,” says Midland Pallet Trucks Managing Director Phil Chesworth. “At a time when the needs of our customers are changing rapidly, we’ve taken measures to meet these new demands by introducing a wider capacity range, all the way from an 8 ton machinery skate set to a much more heavy duty 36 ton capability.

“Our ultimate aim is to continue expanding our range to give our customers greater choice.”

All skates within the new Midland Pallet Trucks range feature quality polyurethane skate wheels; an alternative to the standard nylon wheels included on many forms of machinery skate. The greater resistance of polyurethane compared to nylon ensures that this new skate collection performs optimally and to a continually high standard even on rough, uneven warehouse floor surfaces. Polyurethane is considered to be an effective material for skate wheels, offering a high level of crack resistance, unrivalled durability for longevity, and a minimal need for ongoing maintenance.

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