Forklift trucks are one of the most common lifting trucks used in warehouses and construction sites to move pallets and other heavy goods or materials.

Although forklift trucks are extremely useful to have in your warehouse, they do come at quite an expense, and can only be used by trained employees.

If you want to make your manual handling easier, but don’t want to part with the money that it would take to purchase a forklift, here are some alternative pieces of lifting equipment that will make material handling much easier for you and your team.

Hand pallet trucks

Hand pallet trucks, also known as pump trucks, are a type of lifting device that allows you to move pallets and heavy goods manually.

With hand pallet trucks, you are able to raise, move and lower goods up to a capacity of 2500kg in your warehouse quickly and efficiently. With prices starting at just over £200, they’re a much more cost-effective alternative to forklift trucks.

High lift pallet trucks

Equipment like high lift pallet trucks are essential to improving the efficiency of your warehouse. Your workers will be able to bring the load they’re working with closer to them, helping them to complete their jobs faster and reduce the chance of repetitive injuries occuring.

With a capacity of up to 1000kg and a maximum fork lift height of 800mm, a high pallet truck will help you make full use of your warehouse’s space and can also be used as a lifting table, workbench or standard pallet truck.


If you need to move heavy objects around your warehouse or construction site, using skates can make the whole process much easier.

These pieces of equipment use heavy duty sealed bearings to spread the load and allow you to move your goods around quickly and efficiently.

Sack trucks/trolleys

Whether you’re moving items across a smooth warehouse floor, or across a more rugged terrain, sack trucks are a great piece of equipment to have.

Secure up to 300kg of goods to the sack truck and use the wheels to manouevure your goods to where they need to be.

Still unsure about the right manual handling equipment that you may need in your business? No worries! Get in touch with us at Midland Pallet Trucks and we’d be happy to advise.

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