Fully Electric Pallet Truck EPT15

Midland Pallet Trucks, a West Midlands-based supplier of manual handling equipment such as lift platforms and moving skates, has announced the introduction of four new hand pallet trucks to its growing inventory. Designed to offer a safe, effective, and efficient way to move heavy loads, the new pallet trucks provide more choice for warehouse operatives looking to heighten workplace safety.

Two of the new products, MID-PPT18 and MID-PPT18B, are semi-electric hand pallet trucks with powered horizontal movement and manual raising through a pump action, while the MID-EPT15 and MID-EPT15B models are fully electric, offering powered motion both vertically and horizontally. The models vary in their load capacity from 1500kg to a greater 1800kg, and in an effort to boost sustainability within the workplace, all models boast a 3x longer lifespan than manual pallet trucks.

“The warehousing industry isn’t having a particularly easy time right now, especially with growing concerns over health and safety as well as a push towards introducing more sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes,” says Midland Pallet Trucks Managing Director, Phil Chesworth. “As equipment specialists, it’s our responsibility to ensure that we’re stocking products that not only facilitate safe operations, but also reduce the impact on the planet.

“And that’s exactly what we’re doing by extending our product range to include the MID-PPT15 and MID-PPT18 hand pallet truck models. Not only are we ensuring that our customers have access to equipment that features ergonomic design and emergency stop functions, but is also more durable and long lasting than others, helping to reduce manufacturing demand and resources.”

All four of the models feature a brushless, maintenance-free driving motor, non-marking polyurethane wheels, and multi-function handle. The hand pallet trucks have been specially designed to boost health and safety in the workplace, working to protect warehouse staff from strains and fatigue along with accident and injury.

Along with the hand pallet trucks themselves, the equipment and handling specialist has also introduced accessories designed for perfect compatibility with the new tools. The replacement 48V 10aH lithium battery ensures that warehouse operatives have the power backup they need for the fully electric models, while the protective wheel cover offers additional protection from harsher environments, helping to keep both the fully electric and semi-electric hand pallet trucks in excellent condition during use.


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