Workplace Dangers

Pallet trucks specialist Midland Pallet Trucks, leading suppliers of lift tables, machinery jacks, manual stacker trucks, and other warehousing equipment, has raised concerns that the existing high levels of workplace safety noted throughout the country could be under threat when Britain withdraws from the European Union later this year.

Regulations published by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) currently form an integral part of workplace health and safety processes, especially within warehousing and manufacturing industries. These standards have been designed and implemented to boost health, safety, and the overall wellbeing of employees, ensuring that not only do workplace processes meet a strict set of approved criteria, but also that any equipment used is manufactured to a high standard to minimise risk.

While national bodies such as the British Standards Institute (BSI) have cited hope in the automatic transfer of EU standards, to date there has been no official confirmation that European standards will continue to be valid in Britain in a post-Brexit economy. This uncertainty is resulting in safety experts such as Midland Pallet Trucks voicing concerns over a potential decline in adherence to European health and safety standards in the future.

“There is massive uncertainty regarding the future of European standards following Brexit,” says Midland Pallet Trucks Managing Director Phil Chesworth. “Without clear regulation, especially during the post-Brexit transition period, our concern is that the warehousing and manufacturing industries could begin to operate to lower standards, and use cheap, poor quality equipment, placing their employees at increased risk of injury or worse.

“Even if EU standards lose their validity in Britain, we are urging businesses all across the nation to continue to adhere to the standards and regulations that have been keeping us safe at work for many, many years”.

The Midland Pallet Trucks range meets approved standards, including EN ISO 3691; an international standard adopted at regional level by the European Union relating to the quality and performance of industrial trucks. Trucks that are not manufactured to these EU standards can often be sourced for less, but may carry significant risk and could potentially have a notable impact upon employee wellbeing, industry reputation, and overall workplace performance and productivity.

Midland Pallet Trucks confirms that the firm will continue to partner with manufacturers who are dedicated to health and safety in the workplace, designing and building warehouse handling equipment that complies with existing EU standards regardless of their validity when Britain withdraws from the EU.



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