In a bid to meet the unique needs of today’s food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, one of the UK’s leading providers of handling tools has extended its selection of premium grade equipment for use within demanding environments. Midland Pallet Trucks, a West Midlands-based retailer of hand pallet trucks and electric trucks, is now offering two new models of pedal-operated scissor lift tables made from 304-grade stainless steel for safety, durability, cleanliness, and hygiene.

Among the new products is the fully stainless steel scissor lift table which comes in 100kg, 200kg, and 500kg capacities. The three models lift to 755mm, 915mm, and 1000m respectively, with spacious table sizes of 700x450mm, 830x500mm, and 1010x520mm. Made from 304-grade stainless steel, these newly introduced models are highly resistant to corrosion, making them particularly beneficial for environments with greater needs for frequent washing due to the sensitive nature of production.

Alongside the fully stainless steel lift tables is the partial stainless steel model, combining the corrosion-resistant 304-grade material with budget-friendly galvanised steel for a low cost, high quality solution for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses. Available in 300kg, 350kg double lift, and 500kg capacities, the tables extend to 890mm and 1300mm in height. These models are especially lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, coming in at just 77kg, 105kg, and 79kg respectively.

Midland Pallet Trucks Managing Director Phil Chesworth said, “We are always looking for new ways to develop our extensive range of equipment, and we’re constantly asking our customers for feedback on how we can continue to meet their needs not just now, but in the future. Through this feedback, we’ve noticed increasing demand from industries specialising in sensitive production such as food and medicines, where there is an unusually high requirement for complete hygiene and cleanliness.

“We’re proud to have sourced two excellent models of scissor lift table made from both hot dip galvanised steel and premium grade stainless steel that are able to withstand cleaning using harsh chemicals and powerful jet washes as needed by these industries. These lift tables remain strong, durable, and most importantly safe even when exposed to the day-to-day pressures of these demanding environments.”

The introduction of these new scissor lift tables to UK industries by Midland Pallet Trucks not only comes at a time of increasing demand from food and pharmaceuticals, but also at a time when improving workplace safety is imperative to ongoing success.

According to research by EHS Daily Advisor, sprains and strains are the most common workplace injury within food manufacturing, while the Health and Safety Executive reports that manual handling is by far the biggest risk within the pharmaceutical industry. It is hoped that greater accessibility to suitable handling equipment will be instrumental in minimising health-related absences across these sectors.

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