Hand pallet trucks are some of our favourite pieces of equipment to use in our warehouses and construction sites to move goods and materials around.

Not only do they require less training to use than forklift trucks, but they are also a lot more affordable too.

We sell a very large range of pallet trucks at Midland Pallet Trucks, so it can be difficult to decide on the right one for your business, so here’s a guide on some of our most popular models that could be exactly what your warehouse needs.

The best-selling hand pallet truck

If you’re looking for a pallet truck that’s used and loved by many of our customers, we’d recommend going with our 2500kg capacity, 540x1150mm truck.

This is a high quality, fully hydraulic hand pallet truck with double rollers that’s become an essential piece of equipment in many warehouses. It’s great for moving pallets and heavy goods with minimal amounts of effort from your employees.

Heavy-duty pallet truck

If you need a truck that’s going to be able to lift extra heavy goods and materials, we’d recommend our High Capacity Hand Pallet Truck.

At just under £300, this is much cheaper than a forklift and can still carry up to 3000kg of goods

Weighing scale pallet truck

If you’re moving products around your warehouse, and you need to know much they weigh, a weighing scale pallet truck would be your perfect choice.

With our truck, you can move up to 2000kg of goods and weigh them as you go without having to move them to another scale.

Economic pallet truck

If you don’t deal with heavy loads in your warehouse, but still need a pallet truck to manoeuvre your goods around, you should try our affordable Economic Pallet Truck

It’s the right size for the most common Euro Pallets and is able to lift up to 2000kg of goods with a three-position handle–all for under £200

Semi-electric pallet truck

This compact unit has a lot more power than your average manual pallet truck and will last 3 times as long.

Our semi-electric pallet trucks can lift up to 1800kg of goods and run on batteries to help your employees move items in your warehouse much easier and quicker.

Do you still need help to decide on the best hand pallet truck for your business? No worries! Get in touch with us at Midland Pallet Trucks today and we’ll be able to advise you on your best options.

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