Most warehouses are packed to the rafters with items, so being able to reach them with ease is vital for the safety and proper running of the space. This is where lifting tables come in. Every warehouse needs lift tables, but you may be wondering why these essential items are so, well, essential? In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the function they fulfil, so you can choose the right lifting tables for your unique requirements.

  1. Worker safety

Modern warehouses place safety front and centre of all considerations, and lift tables are a key component to achieving your health and safety goals.

Warehouses can be hazardous, due to the heavy lifting and equipment dotted around the space. Workers are keenly attuned to injury risk, and so are their employers. To help avoid overextending and injury to key areas such as the back, shoulders and arms, guidelines clearly suggest warehouses invest in equipment that helps alleviate some of the burden.

  1. Flexibility

Lift tables come in many different shapes and sizes, so they can be chosen to suit the warehouse and worker needs.

They each have a slightly varying mechanism and size, so they can be selected to ensure they fit in the location they’re needed and can handle any weight-bearing requirements associated with it.

This gives warehouses significantly more flexibility in their day-to-day operations.

  1. Employee morale

Employees will appreciate the extra effort that’s gone into ensuring they have a safe workplace, and this is sure to lift their morale. Higher morale is strongly associated with higher levels of productivity, so it’s a worthwhile investment in every respect.

  1. Choice

As we’ve discussed, there are different lift tables on the market. Some are hydraulic (the most common type) and can often handle heavy loads. Electric lift tables are considered a safe and clean option, commonly used when lifting food and beverages.

Pneumatic lift tables are also a key weight-bearing option for heavier industrial needs.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

While investing in new equipment might not seem inherently cost-effective, think of the time that’s lost in trying to transport heavy items across the warehouse. Not only is this associated with a higher risk of injury, but it also takes time away from your employees that could be spent elsewhere.

Our wide range of lift tables includes heavy duty scissor lifts, extra-large lift tables and budget options.

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