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Pallet Truck Chock


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Product description

Keep Empty Trucks Secure With a Pallet Truck Chock

This pallet truck chock is the ideal solution for securing empty pallet trucks in the back of a delivery truck or to stop trucks from rolling off a loading bay.

Made from a hard rigid moulded plastic construction, our pallet truck chocks are a very durable product with an extensive product lifecycle even when in regular use.

This product chocks both the wheels, meaning the wheels will stay fixed in one place. Whether your organisation has just a couple of empty pump trucks at any one time or several dozen, a pallet truck chock is a simple, efficient and cost effective way to secure them safely, protecting your workforce and other equipment.

The bottom section consists of runner suction cups grips for added bonding to the floor surface.

The pallet truck chock, also known as a pallet truck stop, is a polyurethane wedge with has a v-slot in it. This immobilises the pallet truck’s rear wheels whilst the weight of the pallet truck itself holds the chock securely in position on the truck bed. The pallet truck stop means no more loose pallet trucks causing damage to vehicles or freight whilst in transit. An addition benefit of a pallet truck stop, is that drivers no longer have to risk injury by laying the pallet truck on it’s side, or lifting the truck into a tyre.

Another additional safety application is using a pallet truck stop to prevent trucks rolling off loading bays.

Pallet Truck Chock
Dimensions: 250mm long x 320mm wide
Ideal for all Standard Pallet trucks

The pallet truck chock is compatible with all standard pallet truck sizes, both hand and hydraulic. It can be fitted in a matter of minutes and will remain in place until unlocked.

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