From replacement lithium batteries to protective wheel covers for your pallet, weighing scale and stacker trucks, our parts and accessories range has everything you need to protect and maintain your machinery, so it continues to perform as you need it to.

Read on below as we guide you through each of the accessories and spare parts, as well as explaining the advantages or benefits in having them as part of your warehouse equipment.

Pallet truck polyurethane steer wheel kit (180mm + 200mm)

As the part of a standard pallet truck that is mostly likely to wear out or suffer damage over time, having a spare set of steer wheels can reduce the time it takes to order and receive delivery if anything goes wrong.

Made from case steel core and a polyurethane outer layer with rubber shielded bearings to protect against dirt, there really is no alternative when it comes to swapping out the existing wheels.

Pallet truck polyurethane fork roller kit

Suitable for use with many of our standard pallet trucks, the fork rollers in your truck are similar to the steer wheels beneath the control area that manoeuvres the truck where you want it to go.

While they are designed to endure long periods of wear and tear across a variety of surfaces, it stands to reason that having a range of heavy pallets to bear will eventually take its tool – which is no problem when you have this kit as backup.

MID-EPT15/MID-PPT18 protective wheel cover

If you know that your pallet truck is going to have to endure some testing terrain, then our protective wheel cover can help protect the wheels from wearing away too quickly.

This cover can be used on all our fully electric panel trucks and semi-electric panel trucks, making it a perfect option for heavy usage.

MID-EPT15/MID-PPT18 Replacement Lithium Battery

Lithium battery powered pallet trucks are set to stay for some time, with their eco-friendly and noise-reducing operation seeing many warehouses swap them in for their petrol or diesel equivalents.

As with smartphone batteries, a lithium battery will reduce in charge capacity over time, so it helps to have a spare handy when you think it’s not as efficient as it once was.

Suitable for use with all our electric pallet models, you can also stock up on several batteries so that you can interchange them with the battery requiring charging – ensure operation of the truck never stops.

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