Ensuring your warehouse operation runs as smoothly as possible can be a complex process, particularly when space is at a premium and increasing storage capacity simply isn’t an option.

When you want to store goods beyond the limitations of a floorplan, devising a pallet racking and pallet machinery system can help you maximise the height of your office storage or warehouse space and allow manufacturing and distribution centres to load up on as much stock as possible.

Our handy guide below shows you how you can overcome obstacles to warehouse efficiency and use pallet trucks to unlock much needed storage room.

Organisation of stock

A disorganised stock checking and control process can lead to difficulties when needing to understand quantity of goods or simply want to move them to another location in the warehouse.

With the help of two-tier shelving or mezzanine flooring, you can set up useful layers of additional space so that stock can be properly categorised based on how often you are likely to need to access particular items.

High lift pallet trucks are a great way of placing stock at higher levels, with load capacity ranging from 2000kg to 3000kg and straightforward usage without physically tiring staff, speedy loading of goods at greater height levels is entirely possible.

The right type of equipment for the right job

Barriers to efficiency in warehouses can also be down to not having the right tools for staff to work through a speedy picking process:

By using the right machinery at the right time, you can increase productivity, improve flexibility and stacking accuracy, while reducing the amount of time staff take to complete tasks.

Efficient storage solutions

Alongside increasing stock capacity and finding the right equipment to make it happen, it’s also worth considering the design of aisles for pallet racking so as to make sure the pallet machinery you pick is able to pass through effectively.

Examples of warehouse storage designs that work well for this include:

  • Wide aisle pallet racking – easy to assemble and one of the more well-used styles of pallet storage. Machinery can easily move between aisles and ensures direct access to stock.
  • Double deep pallet racking – Double up on pallets and really make the most of total warehouse space. You won’t need as many aisles here and pallet machinery won’t need to regularly move from location to location.

And there you have it – by combining clever pallet racking and storage solutions with efficiency friendly pallet machinery, you’ll have an efficient warehouse space up and running in now time.

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