Here at Midland Pallet Trucks, we want to cater for all manner of industries when it comes to supplying warehouses with high-quality manual handling equipment and machinery.

Getting hold of the right tools to do the job doesn’t need to come with an inflated price tag, especially in light of the pressures across a number of industries since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to see companies of all shapes and sizes use our products to help reach their targets over the coming months and years.

This is why we have highlighted some of our most affordable pallet trucks available for less than £500 including VAT – perfect for business owners realising their need to find equipment that can assist with handling and managing stock.

The ERA25-A East Roller Hand Pallet Truck

For expanding businesses and warehouses where health and safety is becoming increasingly paramount, this uniquely designed pallet truck offers the perfect solution without breaking the bank.

Capable of carrying up to 2500kg worth of stock, take some of the pressure off when moving large loads around an office or warehouse space.

Simply engage the foot lever into a forward direction wherever you want to go and pull down on the pump-action handle to move items without unnecessary exertion.

BF2500A Euro Hand Pallet Truck with Chock

Another popular choice from our budget range which punches above its weight with the ability to bear loads up to 2500kg.

The provided chock adds an extra layer of safety when loading up the hand pallet in a delivery van and can also stop a range of trucks from rolling backwards when storing them in a loading bay.

Supplied with load rollers and steer wheels as standard, you can pick up this truck in a variety of colour options too – so it can also match your company branding if you wish!

HLTN10-540×1170 High Lift Pallet Truck

Given their flexibility in the warehouse, high lift pallet trucks tend to be more expensive by design.

However, this offering at the budget end is a fantastic early entry to your high lift arsenal when you are expanding your warehouse and wish to ensure staff don’t hurt themselves when bending down to unload.

With an open bottom pallet and single cylinder hydraulic ram, power your way to a more efficient shelf unloading mechanism.

A maximum fork height of 800mm raises stock high enough above the floor for seamless carry over to wherever staff need to place stock.

HPT-A30A-AC30A High-Capacity Pallet Truck

If your warehouse staff is regularly having to shift heavy items, this highly affordable, high-capacity pallet truck is a great option.

With the ability to carry up to 3000kg of stock, extra heavy loads are no problem for this truck, while the dimension across the forks is enough to handle both typical Euro-sized and standard pallets.

What’s more, self-lubrication bearings and injection nozzles reduce noise in the workspace, while also helping to prolong the lifespan of the truck – meaning your money goes even further!

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