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Spec Sheet
Specification Sheet
SPA-M30A High Capacity Pallet Truck
Code:  SPA-M30A-540x1150

3000kg High Capacity Hand Pallet Truck

If you want a hand pallet truck with a higher than standard capacity, then the SPA-M30A maybe ideal for you.

With a higher capacity of 3000kg, this unit is capable of lifting those extra heavy loads.

The dimension across the forks is 540x1150mm, which is the ideal size for the most common of the Euro Pallets (120x80cm), but still big enough to lift the standard pallets of 120x100cm.

Key points are equipped with oil-free self lubricating bearings and injection nozzles, it can reduce operating power, reduce noise and prolong the truck's life.

Supplied with tandem PU rollers

Colours can vary - please contact us first if this is a problem

Conforms to EN ISO3691-5:2009

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